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Enjoy a Glass of Japanese Whisky at GENKI

Enjoy a Glass of Japanese Whisky at GENKI

Here at GENKI Noodles and Sushi, we constantly push the flavor envelope by developing delectable Asian Fusion recipes and delivering it to our customers. That is why we are excited to reveal Japanese whisky, a sublime, single-malt concoction that is arguably the best whisky on the market right now. In fact, Japanese distillery Suntory took top honors in the 2015 edition of "Jim Murray's Whisky Bible" with its Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013. Once you hear the story behind this Japanese whisky, it will be easy to see why.

History of Japanese Whisky

Whiskey was introduced to Japan during the 1850s when U.S. Navy Commodore Matthew Perry visited the country to broaden the capacities of foreign trade. One huge barrel of the gifted whisky was all it took for ambitious Japanese distillers to begin creating a distinct version of the powerful drink. However, it was a young chemist named Masataka Taketsuru who took the quest so seriously that he traversed the globe in efforts to create the perfect Japanese whisky. Through an alliance with the infamous Suntory Company, Taketsuru mastered a specialized technique while running the Suntory-owned Yamakazi business and, eventually, established his own company and brand. Although this drove each company to try come up with a better Japanese whisky than the other, Japanese whisky connoisseurs reaped the benefits of each attempt. Within the past decade, the evocative lure of Japanese whisky has expanded beyond its home country and dominated sophisticated palates all over the world, quickly rising to the top tier of high-quality liquor.  

Yamazaki Sherry Cask Named Top Whisky

Various Types of Japanese Whisky

Japanese whiskies are modeled after Scotch, an influential reason why the name is spelled “whisky” and not “whiskey.” However, Japanese whisky tends to be a little less heavy-handed and can extend its range beyond a strictly Scotch-drinking palate. In fact, many wine drinkers have found a dedicated appreciation for its flavor. Japanese whisky is available in different varieties, including:

  • Single-malt: This hits the taste buds with a fruity note. However, it settles seductively on a spicy note as you can taste flickers of barrel on the palate
  • Pure Malt: This type of whisky is bolder because it is made purely of malts. While it still possesses a sweetness, its stronger flavor gives it some bulk and heft
  • Hibiki: This is a blended whisky that lands on the sweet side and utilizes fruity undertones to round out its flavor

These are a few of the best known types of Japanese whisky. But that doesn't mean you should overlook the many other flavors in the Japanese whisky family. 

Why Is GENKI and Japanese Whisky the Perfect Combination?

GENKI is more than a nice restaurant located in Atlanta's pulsing epicenter of nightlife. We are an experience. Our cuisine and menu are based on Asian Fusion and complementary flavors, and a neat glass of Japanese whisky is the perfect drink to top off an astounding dish of GENKI's finest meals. To truly enjoy what we have to offer, you need to dive in and get the full experience. Japanese whisky brings that philosophy home, which keeps you coming back to us time and time again.