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Enjoy Curated Music and Top-Notch Cocktails at "Vinyl & Cocktails"

Enjoy Curated Music and Top-Notch Cocktails at "Vinyl & Cocktails"

Vinyl is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and there is no better way to enjoy the warmth and depth of tone that vinyl offers than with a hand crafted cocktail. Genki Buckhead is proud to bring you "Vinyl & Cocktails" on Thursday nights from 8:00 PM -3:00 AM in the Buckhead Freezer, offering the perfect environment to relax and try something new. So what are the best throwback albums to enjoy with your favorite cocktail or craft beer? We have a few ideas for you.

The Beatles | "Revolver"

Widely considered the best Beatles album of all time, this is an album that should be in every collection. The record features technical innovation that was ahead of its time, and the tracks offer hints of the psychedelic rock movement that would soon follow. 

Craft beer offers a great pairing with "Revolver," and one of the best craft beers to hit the scene in recent years is Magic Hat's Dream Machine IPL. Crafted in Los Angeles, this is a hoppy offering with a decent amount of citrus and malt. 

Daft Punk | "Random Access Memories"

Daft Punk's fourth album takes a look at the past, bringing back elements of the 70s and 80s west coast music scene. A heavy electronic influence runs throughout, and the production on this album is intricate and impressive. 

Wild Heaven Emergency Drinking Beer , a local brewery in Decatur, offers the perfect pairing for this album. This light beer is definitely unusual and features a sweet, crisp alternative to heavier craft beer options. Infused with citrus zest and sea salt, this is also a great choice for beating the Atlanta heat.

Join us at Genki Buckhead on Thursdays for Vinyl & Cocktails

The Rolling Stones | "Exile on Main Street"

A perfect summation of early rock music, this album showcases the influence of previous rock incarnations as interpreted by the inimitable Rolling Stones. The album was recorded in the basement of a rented French villa, with Keith Richards giving it his all. This is often considered a must-have for any serious vinyl collector. 

A great way to enjoy this classic Rolling Stones album is with a new twist on an old favorite, Genki's New Fashioned. The classic cocktail takes a modern turn with Virgil Kaine bourbon, Proof old fashioned syrup (local from Decatur), garnished with a fresh orange slice and a cherry.

Sonny Rollins | "The Bridge"

This jazz classic is the result of Sonny Rollins' return to the music scene after a lengthy sabbatical. Recorded in 1962, the bridge in question is the Washington Bridge, linking Manhattan to Brooklyn, where Rollins headed to practice. The soulful, and sometimes haunting, sax on this album is a great way to relax after a hard day.

A solid companion to this jazz classic is The Libertine, a mix of spicy rye whiskey and sweet vermouth. Rosemary and lemon add both herbal and fruity notes, for an overall well-balanced drink for any season.

Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong | "Ella and Louis"

This jazz classic pairs two of the genre's best, resulting in a deeply moving, emotional presentation with a nostalgic edge. This is an album for couples, or for those who yearn for or well remember their own perfect pairing. 

A solid match for this album is a Horsecar, which comes from a 1965 edition of Esquire Drink Book. Crafted from equal parts rye, dry vermouth and sweet vermouth, this cocktail is sweet without being cloyingly so.

If you are ready for an evening of curated vinyl and handcrafted drinks, head out to the Genki Buckhead Freezer on Thursdays for "Vinyl & Cocktails" from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. We also encourage BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl), and will spin any of your vinyl favorites that you are willing to share with the group while you enjoy our Asian fusion cuisine.

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