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Find New Flavors for Your Growing Palate at GENKI

Find New Flavors for Your Growing Palate at GENKI

Life is all about change. Without it, we become stuck in our ruts in every way, and that includes our palates. At GENKI Noodles and Sushi, we know this on an almost cellular level. For that reason, we stay on top of the latest in Asian fusion trends, incorporating them into our dishes and experimenting with ingredients when preparing our newest menu items.

At GENKI, we want to stay relevant to the upcoming food and health trends. Here are a few 2016 food and ingredient trends that you will be seeing more of around GENKI and the restaurant industry this year....


Each can be used in your own cooking or experienced at GENKI in ways you never imagined!


As Americans develop their tastes, for the first time, many chefs will be finding themselves cooking with more vegetables of all kinds and pushing meat proteins to a supporting role. 

This abundant plant offers not just amazing flavor but comes packed with plenty of antiviral and antibacterial effects. Add to it that seaweed contains vitamin B-12, which is not often found in vegetables, and you have a super food that is also versatile. Start your journey with a bowl of traditional Miso Soup and a Seaweed Salad at GENKI.  

Seawood offers not just amazing flavor but comes packed with plenty of antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Beans and Bean Flours

Beans, dry peas, chickpeas (or garbanzo beans) used to be considered a cheap food that could replace more expensive proteins. Now these items are gaining popularity for their health benefits. Plus, new items created with them are offering people with sensitivities to gluten a range of options. 

Flour made with beans lends a distinctly rich flavor to baked goods. You can get all the health and fiber without the effects of gluten and the high simple carbohydrates on your triglyceride levels. 

Green Tea

This herbal staple is showing up in trendy restaurants all over the U.S. Green tea has a litany of health benefits. Teas pack numerous antioxidants linked to the reduction of inflammation as well as benefits related to lowering cholesterol and even fighting cancer. So why not use tea like we use dried herbs?   

By grinding tea leaves in your spice or coffee mill, you can add teas that you like to your favorite spice rubs for items such as Tofu or even that savory pork roast. Ground and used as a flour, teas can take the place of small amounts of flour added to some dishes. 

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Watermelon Shrubs

Many people may not know what a shrub is, but we do. A shrub is a drinking vinegar. Sound awful? Not so fast. The idea originated in the 17th century as a way to use vinegar to preserve fruits. 

They are now showing up in bars across America as a way to replace citrus juice and fruit to add acidity in many drink recipes. Ask your GENKI bartender to fix you a Watermelon Shrub Collins made with 2 ounces of gin or vodka, 1 ounce of Watermelon Shrub and a few mint leaves. Top with a little soda water and enjoy. 


If you find yourself craving that traditional Japanese bowl of rice but want to spice things up, consider adding the Japanese spice, RAYU. This is a chili-infused vegetable oil that is packed with ginger, herbs and other flavors to turn that simple bowl into a taste you won't forget. 

The newest blends of this chili-infused sesame oil include dried shrimp, fried onions and almonds, all creating a chunkier and more stout version of this old restaurant standby. 

Look for these and other food trends to be featured at GENKI, and if you like them, you have some inspiration to try them in your own recipes at home.