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What Does Your Favorite Wine Say About You?

What Does Your Favorite Wine Say About You?

You've probably heard the phrase, "you never really know someone until you've had drinks with them." Just how much truth is there behind that idea? Probably a little.

When we drink, we tend to let go a little, lowering the walls we put up around ourselves. Plus, what someone chooses to drink can say a lot about his or her personality. Think about it, someone who's go-to liquor is tequila is probably a lively and fun person, while someone who reaches for an IPA is more relaxed and looking for a good conversation.

So when it comes to wine, what's your favorite? Are you a cabernet kind of person? Or perhaps more of a chardonnay? And what does that say about you? Let's find out!

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet lovers don't beat around the bush when it comes to words and tend to command the conversation at hand. You like having your voice heard, and there's nothing wrong with that. We're guessing you also have a love for the classics and a somewhat vintage style. Embrace it! It's like they always say about wine, you only get better with age.

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Pinot Noir

If you like pinot noir, you probably feel right at home on those easy, starlit nights in a small town, wrapped up in a quilt with your sweetheart. One of your best qualities is that you don't see people with challenging ideas as difficult, you see them as unique. You're always up for a great discussion and enjoy hearing different viewpoints. Pinot noir drinkers tend to have long-term commitment on the mind, which means you know what you like and you stick to it.

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Merlot is a strong wine choice, and those who drink it have a powerhouse personality. You are not afraid to experience life, even if there are storm clouds on the horizon. Always up for taking risks or going on an adventure, you're the kind of person who would go skydiving if your friends dared you to, and maybe even just to say you did it. You are easily flexed and changed by your current situation and love new experiences.

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You are the definition of fun. People feel lightened and inspired by you. Never heavy or focused on the tragedies of our present world, you are the perfect companion with a summer fish fry and all the beach sand anyone can stand.

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If your favorite wine is chardonnay, you might be a person who loves what is known and familiar. You live in the comfort zone because it's, well, comfortable. You have a traditional view of the world and it reflects in your style and interests. Don't let anyone make you think that you're ordinary! You're just "classic." Besides, it feels good to say "I'll have a Chardonnay" with conviction and know that whatever comes out, will likely be good.

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Sauvignon Blanc

You probably know this already, but you are the picture of sophistication. You take charge of your life, and that includes keeping a very busy social calendar. Sauvignon Blanc drinkers are very focused and confident, perhaps with a dash of a superiority complex.

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Pinot Grigio

The pinot grigio drinkers are the hopeless romantics in the bunch. When you fall in love, you fall hard. One of the reasons you're so free with your heart is that you simply have a big heart of your own that sees the good in people. Sometimes you can trust too easily, which can leave you burned, but you see it as worth the sacrifice.

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It's hard not to feel larger than life when you have a glass of bubbly in your hand. When you come into an event, that's when the celebration really begins because you bring so much life to the party. You find a way to celebrate the ordinary and make life more fun for others.

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